Morten Bennedsen

Morten Bennedsen

Niels Bohr Professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

Andre and Rosalie Hofmann Chaired Professor of Family Enterprise Academic Director of the Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise. Professor in Economics, INSEAD.

Popular Writing

Popular Writing in English

My popular writing at INSEAD KNOWLEDGE about family firms and other topics.

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Newspaper Interviews

Special Report from the Economist on Family Companies

Media Interviews

TOFE 2017 Interview Prof. Dr. Morten Bennedsen
Kasper Meisner Nielsen and Morten Bennedsen presenting a report on ownermanaged firms in Denmark (In Danish)
Morten Bennedsen on Channel NewsAsia Singapore Tonight-Family Business Map

Morten Bennedsen at Insead Knowledge on How family businesses can plan for the long term on The Insead Knowledge.

VMC's Emmanuel Villard at Insead Knowledge on Family-owned businesses with a global vision

Willem Van Eegher at Insead Knowledge on Family business:"Unspoken values" are key to longevity

Bob de Kuyper at Insead Knowledge on Balancing company and family in the succession process

Morten Bennedsen with Eva Fischer Hansen of Brunata with external CEO Michael Staal

Morten Bennedsen at Barclays on Most Challenging issue facing Family Businesses - Succession.

Morten Bennedsen at Barclays on sustaing Family Businesses beyong and Third Generations.

Morten Bennedsen at Barclays on The Importance of Long-term Succession Planning

Public Talks

Morten Bennedsen on CEPOS (Center for Politiske Studier): Konference om familieejede virksomheder
Morten Bennedsen at HUJI Business School on Teaching the Annual Tell: The Challenges of Innovation and Growth in Family Firms.

Impact and Dissemination Talks

My work on Family Business has been discussed in Wall Street Journal (Frontpage Sept 5 2007), Slate online magazine, International Herald Tribune, Frankfurter Am Sonnstag (Frontpage), Sbado(portugal), Dutch and Norwegian Business Newspapers, as well as in most major Danish newspapers (including Brsen, Jyllands Posten, Berlingske Tidende, 24timer, Politikken, Nyhedsavisen, Ugebrevfor Bestyrelser og Psykologi), on Danish national television news (TV2 Financial news and DR2 Deadline) and several times in Danish National Public Radio (a.o. p1 Orientering, p1Business and p3 Mondo and in the radio news).